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No parent would ever want to see his child struggle in school much more in the area of reading—the very core foundation to learning every subject there is in school. This is far worse for the child.

The fear of being labelled and teased as stupid, dumb and slow is something he has to face and live with every day. It could even be aggravated by his own sense of the teacher’s perception of his condition:

Lazy. Not trying hard enough. Does not focus well. Absent-minded.  

The fear even becomes bigger when the school strongly implies that your child is simply a poor student.

You have somehow heard about it or read it in one of your researches. Your closest friends could have told you to have your child tested and checked but your inner core just tells you otherwise.  

“This is not true.  My child just needs more time.  He will outgrow this. His teachers may not be doing well enough.”

You are in a state of denial.  But as you constantly see that things are just getting worse for your child, you’ve got nothing else to do but face the fact.

Dyslexia is REAL. 

Dr. Sally Shaywitz, a world-renowned physician and dyslexia expert, along with the National Institute of Health in the USA, reveal that 1 out of 5 people is affected by dyslexia. Dyslexia is an unexpected difficulty in reading or interpreting words or symbols even after the learner has been subjected to appropriate learning reading process—unexpected because it occurs even in people who are quite intelligent and highly creative.

The sad thing about those affected by this hidden learning disability is that 95% of them are left undiagnosed. Schools lack the resources to help them. Children who cannot read are marginalized and left to struggle, ultimately risk falling behind in school and eventually in life.  Teachers and parents who are supposed to be the first to know are actually clueless about what is happening.

A child has only one life to live. He can’t wait and live a life stigmatized by a condition that he is not responsible at all.  

Nothing is more difficult than silently fighting an invisible opponent every day of your life in and out of school.

What should you do if you believe that your child has the symptoms of this invisible foe? Where should you go?

The good news is that you don't need to go anywhere else! Relax sit back and take the dyslexia screening all by yourself right here:


Upon submitting your honest answers to this parent dyslexia screening, you will receive an assessment result and a list of recommendations on the steps you can take to start helping your precious child.

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