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It has been more than two years since Instant Reader™, led by its founder and dyslexia expert Teacher Vicki Quintana-Arioder, began assisting schools and communities in identifying reading difficulties through its We CARe program (Workshop-Conference on the Analysis and Assessment of Reading Difficulties).

The team has met many individuals and organizations who seek the same intervention since this movement. Last June, advocates and educators gathered together in the very first National Dyslexia Awareness and Intervention Summit which sparked the expansion of We CARE program from advocacy to an awareness-raising Your Child Is Not Bobo – Dyslexia is Real Series.

To date, the Instant Reader™ team has reached several communities and public and private educational institutions to raise awareness and support children and adults with reading difficulties like dyslexia. The team currently focuses on target areas in Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Batam, Indonesia while actively on the lookout for opportunities to extend its reach to several other countries and local communities.

Here are some reasons why We CARe should reach every community, including yours:

Reading skill is a necessity.

We CARe recognizes that reading is a skill so complex and crucial. A child’s reading ability is telling of how well he’ll be able to perform in school while an adult’s reading skills can either form or fracture his credibility as a competent and proficient individual. Reading is indisputably essential, and nobody can hide from it.

One of the visions of We CARe is to see children and adults becoming successful readers despite any reading challenge they may have had in the past. Success can mean different things for different individuals, yes, but reading is always one of the foundations of success.

Reading difficulties require proper intervention.

There’s always a poor reader in every class, and studies approximate one in every five people to have dyslexia. As crucial as reading proficiency is, it is a sad fact that most of those who struggle with it do not receive proper support or intervention. As a result, many children grow up to become struggling or functionally illiterate adults—often leading to more complex struggles like poor self-image, substance abuse, and even problems with the law.

But how can there be proper interventions when reading and associated difficulties are not well understood?

There would be no intervention if there's no awareness.

Awareness about reading difficulties, especially dyslexia, is one the advocacies of Instant Reader™ that fuel its We CARe Program. Through this intervention, every community can take a step farther as they become enlightened on the facts and figures of reading difficulties, steps on how these can be addressed, and information on resources they can tap.

In the words of Steve McCready: “Awareness is a critical element of change – if you don’t know where you are, it’s hard to make a roadmap to get anywhere else.”

Instant Reader can lead the raising of dyslexia awareness in your community.

With your partnership, the Instant Reader™ team would be glad to extend its advocacy and expertise in your local school or community. Talk to us and let’s together show care through We CARe.

You may reach us through Facebook or by heading over our Contact page.