Why Instant Reader?

    Business Opportunity and a chance to help the young generation of learners - Instant Reader has been teaching over 10,000 students to read proficiently. Our 'Read in 20 days' is the only money - back guaranteed reading program in the world, with a 99.7 percent success rate.

Franchise Support

    The Instant Reader Team trains you with the Instant Reader secret techniques and curriculum, as well as business and marketing strategies for owning and operating an Instant Reader Center. The Business Development Team will be guiding and supporting you as your Center grows.

Instant Reader's Mission

    1 Enrolled Student = 1 Instant Reader Scholar. 

    The Philippines is currently ranked as lowest in Reading Comprehension in the world, but through Instant Reader, and our reading and Dyslexia expert (Teacher Vicki), our mission is to teach the country, and the world to read the fastest and most effective way.

    We give hope.


Over 50 Branches in Philippines and 5 in Overseas

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