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My dad has always been behind the scenes. You would rarely see him up on stage or in front of the camera. The spotlight never appealed to him; he was, and still is, very much contented just being part of the audience. I admire this about him. If I had worked even just half as hard as he did, I know I would seek all the praise and credit that I deserve. My dad never really cared about gaining any recognition despite all the hard work and sacrifices that he made. I witnessed all the stress, sleepless nights, and failures that he and my mom endured. I will never forget how much we struggled when my dad quit his job to help my mom put up TLP and eventually develop Instant Reader.  It was a crazy leap in the dark to give up everything for a dream that seemed impossible to be fulfilled.  


Whenever my mom would lose faith in their cause, my dad would never fail to remind her why they started in the first place. He would always encourage her to keep going no matter what. I saw how he held her hand and became her fortress in every storm that they went through. Now, as they travel hand in hand across various countries and cultures, there is nothing but joy and pride in my heart. All of their sacrifices were worth it. 

To my papa, 

Thank you so much for being our rock. Like mama, we wouldn’t have the strength to endure life’s ups and downs if it weren’t for you. The reason why we are able to go up on stage is because of your support and motivation. The spotlight is never yours, but we are there because of you. 


You deserve all the praise, 

all the recognition, 

and all the respect. 


We love you. Happy father’s day.