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Many parents worry if their kids can still be successful despite having Dyslexia. 

With a child who cannot distinguish the differences among the sounds of the letters in the alphabet, or where spelling is nearly impossible and pronouncing words become very difficult. 

With all the challenges dyslexic kids face every single day, it can be hard for any parents to believe that their kids will make it out there. 

Dyslexia is not a hindrance to success. It has been done by many. 

Keep in mind that having dyslexia does not equate to failing.

Last January 26, the world was shocked when the news that Kobe Bryant died broke the internet. It was this time, when Regine Velasquez, was also bashed online because she misspelled Kobe’s name to 'Coby; in the tribute message she posted in her Instagram account.

One unfortunate event that also led to cyberbullying.

But did you know that these two wonderful individuals have something in common? Aside from the fact that of course, they are famous and successful in their chosen careers, both actually are dyslexic. 

According to Kobe himself, “I couldn’t spell, so the teacher told my mother that I was probably dyslexic, it was like somebody took me and dropped me in a bucket … in a tub of ice cold water, because it shocked me.” He channeled his frustrations and challenges into sport, which helped him, become one of the NBA’s all-time top players.

Regine, who also revealed she has dyslexia way back 2012 learned about her reading disability when she watched an episode in Oprah. While she was younger, she was bullied. She never really enjoyed school that much. Yet, despite her weakness, she has a very good memory and that became her advantage and her coping mechanism. She would listen to songs and she’d memorize them, that’s why her being dyslexic did not become a hindrance to her singing career. 

Look at what they have achieved in their lives. They did not let Dyslexia stand in their way to success. 

This only proves that having Dyslexia is not a disadvantage. In fact, it can even be the catalyst to success. 

There’s no cure for Dyslexia yet it does not mean one cannot do something to overcome it. The challenges faced by a dyslexic person often lead to low self esteem and being bullied, so the more reason it should not be taken for granted.

The journey will not be easy. But knowing their weaknesses and their strengths made all the difference. It can be overcomed with time, effort, understanding, and treatment. 

Perseverance is very important. People like Kobe and Regine did not give up no matter how difficult their situation must have been. They learned to overcome their weakness allowing them to reach for their dreams. They know that they are not stupid or dumb as what others might call them to be. The determination to prove others wrong was so strong in their spirit. 

Instead of focusing how much harder their lives are because of their reading disability, they spent their time figuring out other ways to live their lives to the fullest. 

If your child or if you know someone with Dyslexia, one thing you can do is share success stories of people like Kobe and Regine to inspire them. They are already facing a lot of challenges but knowing that there are other people out there - like them - and succeeded will surely be a source of encouragement for them.

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