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This was the happiest my kids have ever been about studying... ????????

One thing changed SIGNIFICANTLY with both our kids!

Before, encouraging them to read a book or finish their home work was an impossible task!

I'd stay up late trying to figure out the best strategies to motivate them to study - I'd always get frustrated ????

I'm sure you would know one thing if you've home schooled your children, or even if you didn't...

It isn't always sunshine and rainbows...

You've got to keep learning new strategies to keep them engage. Last year, I discovered this event and it changed their lives...

In 2019, I brought Judy and Marco to Smart Kids Asia and one thing about them changed significantly...

For the first time ever, this event sparked something in them that made them enjoy learning!

They've been a lot more motivated since! 

I highly encourage you to bring yourself and your children to Smart Kids Asia. It's a great time to bond with your kids as well!

- Mommy Ana

Instant Reader is giving limited free tickets and a FREE Reading Readiness Assessment (in our booth) to Smart Kids Asia but only until January 30, 2020. Get yours now!

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