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"For me the issue here is not really the quality of teachers that we have. Our country has a pool of brilliant educators capable enough to teach the smart, talented and intellectual students in our country.

I can boldly say that it is our educational system, the recycled curriculum that schools are compelled to use that continues to remain in the status quo-- totally devoid of mastery, adapting a reading program that has been so obsolete already plus a shallow treatment of letting students experience what 21st century learning is because of mere compliance to overloaded topics and subject coverage resulting to severe lack of opportunities to support students’ creative minds, situational problem solving skills and out- of -the box way of thinking.

It’s been long overdue and I believe in order for all of us to win this battle together and put dignity back to education, DEPED must genuinely open its hearts and minds, listen to those directly in the field and push the right programs devoid of politics and corruption."

- Teacher Vicki Arioder (Reading & Dyslexia Specialist)