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Article Written by: Rezia Roxas

In a recent interview with Ms. Love Añover on Net25's "Love Tonipet & Everythaaang!" Teacher Vicki, the founder of Instant Reader, and Likha, the first student of Instant Reader, shared their insights and experiences.

This article captures the essence of that conversation, highlighting Instant Reader's mission, approach, and vision for Filipino children's literacy.

The History of Instant Reader

Teacher Vicki, coming from a family of educators, initially developed the Instant Reader program to teach her own children how to read. Her journey started with her eldest child, and it took her a year to develop a strategy involving research and a variety of reading programs.

The result was a streamlined 'Read in 20 Days' program, which her second child, Likha, successfully completed in just 17 days at the age of five.

A Program for Every Child

The method used by Instant Reader is unique given that it does not start with teaching the alphabet and does not rely on picture-dependent learning.

Instead, it teaches reading in a way that is in line with scientific research on how the brain processes language by emphasizing phonemes, or the little sounds that make up letters. This method has proven effective for a wide range of learners, including those with special needs like dyslexia.

Expanding Beyond the Family

The success of the program with Likha led Teacher Vicki to test it with public school students, children with special learning needs, and students of various nationalities. The program's effectiveness in a variety of learning contexts was demonstrated by the consistently positive results.

The Importance of Proper Training

Teacher Vicki emphasized the importance of trained teachers in delivering the program.

Reading, being a complicated skill, requires educators who are well-equipped to teach it effectively. This is especially crucial for foundational learning, as it has a significant influence on a child's educational journey.

Instant Reader’s VIRAC Project

To reach more public school students, the Instant Reader VIRAC (Victory in Reading is Achievable for All Children) Project was established.

This initiative has been transformative, especially for students who were previously struggling or considered beyond help in their reading abilities.

The Mission to Teach 1 Million Readers

Likha, now the CEO of Instant Reader's Dubai branch, shared his role in expanding the program's reach. He emphasized the program's effectiveness across various nationalities, including children of OFWs in Dubai and Qatar.

Likha is driven to spread the word about Instant Reader to more children after experiencing it firsthand and discovering its significant influence on building confidence and cultivating a love for learning.

A Vision for Filipino Children

The goal of Instant Reader is very clear: to teach 1 million Filipino readers by 2025.

With less than 40,000 students taught so far, they are determined to accelerate their pace. Our mission goes beyond simply teaching reading to include equipping children with a skill that opens the door to endless possibilities.


The interview with Ms. Love Añover shed light on the passion and dedication behind Instant Reader. It's not just a reading program; it's a movement to empower Filipino children with the gift of literacy.

The Instant Reader team strives to bring about change and hope in the Philippines and beyond, one reader at a time.